The Healing Drum Learning Program


CD w/ booklet

Can playing a drum help you tune your mind, body, and spirit? Can playing a simple rhythm improve your immune system? With an ever-increasing body of scientific evidence, music therapist Christine Stevens is making true believers out of doctors, healers, and business professionals all over the world.

Listen to Agilablanca – Rhythm of the WORLD sample.

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The Healing Drum Learning Program has everything you need use the art of drumming to ignite your creativity, relieve stress, and communicate with a power beyond words, including:

  • Two CDs of play-along rhythm tracks for drumming
  • 24 World Rhythms from Africa to Cuba, Life Rhythms for whole-body healing, and Spirit Rhythms for emotional healing
  • An 44-page guidebook with the science and history of drumming as a healing art, playing tips, and more

Whether relaxing to the gentle lub-dub of a heartbeat, exploring ceremonial rhythms from around the world, or simply drumming away stress, people of all ages can experience and enjoy the full spectrum of this ancient art with The Healing Drum Learning Program.

This program is adapted from The Healing Drum Kit.


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