“The Great Spirit loved the drum so much, he gave everyone a heartbeat.”

– Philosophy from Elders of the Navajo Tribe


“Each of Christine’s lessons has become a part of my life and helped me to become a musical instrument and a singer of my own song.”

-Bernie Siegel, MD, author, Love, Medicine & Miracles. Prescriptions for Living.

“As I sit here today at my desk, I can hear the beat, see the energy and enthusiasm, and feel the room move even without closing my eyes! It was magic! The drumming session was outstanding…and so were you.”

– Francine Cheeseman Shaw, Chairman and CEO, DuPont Teijin Films

“As a closing event for our annual conference, Christine’s drum circle and keynote address left our attendees on a high note! I could not believe the incredible music we created. It was unforgettable.”

– Jennifer Brakeman, VP Conference Planning, American Holistic Medical Association

“Christine Stevens is magical and inspirational. Get out your drum, find your own inner rhythm and really live!”

– Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D. Meditation As Medicine, Food As Medicine.

“We really created a symphony. Everybody was coming together to understand a common goal. The company had one of its best seasons ever. It had a wonderful impact on morale.”

– Kim Airhart, Director of Communications, Discovery Consumer Products


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