BODY BEAT – Body Percussion Game

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Body Beat is an ice-breaker game invented by Christine and Sammy K. The deck of 34 sound cards create a repertoire of body percussion rhythms. Played by groups from 4 to 70!



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Body Beat is a drum circle without drums! Co-created by well-known drummer and drum circle facilitator Slammin’ Sammy K ( Body Beat is for educational, recreational, and corporate groups. The 36 sound cards can be used to make six different games for anywhere from 4 to 70 people. There are SURPRISE cards that will get your group loosened up and “Go Wild”. There are also some SERIOUS cards that will give the rebels a responsible “Beat Keeper” role.

Body Beat does not require any musical experience. In fact, there are no notes or time signatures to read. The five simple body percussion sounds make different rhythms that sound GREAT together and inspire your group to groove.

Body Beat creates:

  • An immediate connector
  • An opportunity to laugh at ourselves
  • An icebreaker activity that breaks down boundaries
  • A metaphor to examine roles and teamwork Energizer – rhythm always drives participation.
  • A speedy way to be successful as a team.
  • You don’t have to be a musician, music teacher or drummer to lead Body Beat. If you can count to FOUR, you can lead this game and use these questions to process Body Beat as a teambuilding activity.

Each card uses five body percussion sounds:

  • Snap (your fingers)
  • Clap (your hands)
  • Whap (your belly)
  • Lap (tap your lap)
  • Tap (your feet.)

Body Beat is for:

  • Teambuilding Facilitators
  • Music Educators
  • Drum Circle Facilitators
  • Conferences and Events

Sample Facilitator questions…

  • Who on your team usually sets the pace?
  • Who on your team is most comfortable “improvising?”
  • How do you usually respond to a given task?
  • Where do you look for guidance when learning a new task?

2 reviews for BODY BEAT – Body Percussion Game

  1. alext

    It is not often a facilitator finds a new activity that engages participants on several different levels. Body Beat does it! This activity gets people into their bodies, minds, and spirits very quickly. It connects people through rhythm, laughter, and awareness. I use Body Beat as an 5 minute icebreaker as well as a 30 minute initiative. It’s versatility is limitless and it fits in my daypack!
    -Coy Theobalt, True North Training and Consulting

  2. alext

    From out of those colourful little cue cards anybody, of any age, can have fun making a rhythmsong anywhere, in a small or large group, using nothing more than a dance of sounds made from just the bits we were born with.
    -Fraser Bruce, Director, Living Rhythm,New Zealand

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