*Each InTune program is custom designed to meet the needs of YOUR specific group, drawing from a menu of UpBeat drum original activities.

Guided Imagery Drumming combining visualization and drumming, this experience is simultaneously relaxing and energizing.  It's a revolutionary method of meditation.

RDA Recommended Drumming Allowance - presenting rhythmic ways of being in the world that do not require playing an instrument.

Vitamin D Vitamin Drum discovering the homeopathic aspect of music, not as a cure, but as a supplement for our maximum health and well-being.

Wired for Sound an explanation of the neurological connection to music and sound.

We are all Instruments - an experience of the two most natural instruments our voice and the rhythm of our hearts.

First Joyous Musical Experience a meditation program to remember how it all began - the first time we experienced musical bliss and harmony.

2 hours             Total Program Time*

*Can be customized to fit your program needs.  We also provide three and four hour programs which may require additional facilitators.


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