"Do you know that our souls are composed of music?" Leonardo DaVinci

InTune is an UpBeat program that demonstrates the health benefits of drumming from a mind-body perspective. Discover how music can be a tool for stress reduction and life-enhancement. Participants confront the myths of musical talent and demolish the barriers that prevent us from connecting to the music that is within us all. It's as natural as the heartbeat and as simple as a lullaby. 

InTune program integrates scientific evidence with joyful exercises, culminating in a fabulous drum circle experience. For information about drumming's scientific health benefits see "Should Drums Be Sold in Pharmacies?"

InTune is not about learning to play the drums or acquiring musical technique. In fact, prior musical experience is not necessary. You don't even have to own a drum. We provide all the drums and world percussion instruments needed for your team.

InTune applications include:

  • Retreats
  • Self-care Seminars
  • Spa Programs
  • Fitness Conferences
  • Personal Growth Seminars
  • Integrative Medicine Conferences
  • Spirituality and Health Conferences
  • Corporate Wellness Seminars

"We are now confident that our student leaders will be a valuable resource to Carleton's community thanks to the information, support, and unforgettable experience you provided."
-Luke Lara, Asst. Director of Multicultural Affairs, Carleton College

"Your program received rave reviews for its active, engaging and innovative techniques around the issues of diversity. It was the most highly rated session during the whole two weeks of training."
-Sarah Schutt, Director of Staff Training, University of Wisconsin



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