Praise and Results

Results you can expect

  • Increase staff morale
  • Infuse creativity
  • Re-ignite purpose
  • Increase workplace satisfaction
  • Effective strategy to improve employee loyalty
  • Defies language barriers
  • Bridges age gaps in an organization

Read about UpBeat Drum Circles impact on Product Development at DuPont

What our clients have said:

"This unique approach was an excellent way to foster change, increase camaraderie and see co-workers in a new light."
  -Steve Meadows, Global Business Leader, JM Huber Industrial Group


"Whether a shy individual or an unbridled group, noone can expose the wonder of drumming to celebrate the wonder of self worth more fluently than Christine Stevens. "
    -Jeff Petterson, CEO, Dupont E-Commerce.

"At Spring Internet World 2001, Christine Stevens helped inspire a downbeat technology community to feel the power of rhythm and professional connection through our drumming."
          -Brad Nye, Executive Director, VIC
“We really created a symphony. Everybody was coming together to understand a common goal. The company had one of its best seasons ever. It had a wonderful impact on morale.”
                    -Kim Airhart, director of communications for Discovery Consumer Products.