*We customize an UnBound Sound program using a selection of our successful UpBeat drumming experiences…

Body Beat – an ice-breaker activity using body percussion to make people laugh, while addressing roles, flexibility, and leadership.

Shaker Share – an ice-breaker activity using three groups of shakers to examine sub-groups within larger teams, change management issues and discovering the rhythm that is within everyone.

Hidden Resources – an activity using drumming to demonstrate how risk-taking can lead to a wealth of unknown resources within each team member and the overall team. 

Tempo Management – an activity designed for teams facing “tempo changes.”  Using the metaphor of speeding up or slowing down, we examine and practice a team’s strategy for adjusting to the rhythm of a changing workplace.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes – an activity using drums to demonstrate the problem solving strategies and benefits of focusing on successes.

Mission Composition – an activity designed for teams re-evaluating their mission statement – both individually and collectively.

Seven Rhythmic Principles for the Corporate Team –  an activity that uses the metaphor of rhythm and the experiences of the day to create a list of seven best practices, which are written on a drum head (our version of a clipboard) and left to be displayed in your office.


2 hours             Total Program Time*

*Can be customized to fit your program needs.  We also provide three and four hour programs which may require additional facilitators.