Case Example:
Returning to Ground Zero with a New Beat

You made the trip back to our home school so joyous. You helped us all so very much with the great life force of your drumming and spirit. The children's smiles radiate it all. - staff, students and parents of Public School 150

As parents held the hands of their children and walked up the two flights of stairs that led from Greenwich Street to Public School 150 (Tribeka Learning Center), they were welcomed by the sound of a contagious rhythm, a new beat to mark their first day back at their school just 2 blocks from Ground Zero. The rhythm accompanied a celebratory scene filled with the amazing resiliency of children and the important courage born out of facing difficult times as a community. Since their sudden evacuation on 9-11, the children have spent the last few months in makeshift classrooms trying to study and learn in the context of coping with the unimaginable. "The drumming was a fabulous way to feel united," said Judy, a mother who joined in the parents breakfast with her son Philip.According to ten-year-old Philip, "I thought it was a good activity for us. You had a time to express your feelings."



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