Praise and Results

Results you can expect:

  • Positive experience of diversity
  • Improved inter-cultural relationships
  • Building community
  • Self-discovery
  • Understanding of privilege and oppression
  • Shared creativity and fun

Read about D-Village with Palestinian and Israeli girls


What our clients have said:

Verizon Wireless "An excellent use of metaphors to convey the importance of diversity. We learned to celebrate our differences and use them to create better music. The response from our employees was overwhelming positive. D-Village exceeded all expectations." -Leon Nesbitt, Verizon Multicultural Marketing, Irving , TX
State of Florida "D-Village is a wonderful way of carrying race relations to the youth. The music was symbolic. I loved the use of instruments to illustrate how we’re all interdependent on one another." -Gloria Hearns, State of Florida , Mayor’s Initiative on Race Relations
Carleton College "We are now confident that our student leaders will be a valuable resource to Carleton's community thanks to the information, support, and unforgettable experience you provided in D-Village." -Luke Lara, Asst. Director of Multicultural Affairs, Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota.
University of Wisconsin "Your program was the most highly rated session during the whole two weeks of training." -Sarah Schutt, Coordinator of Staff Development/R.A. Training, Univeristy of Wisconsin, Whitewater.



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