10 minutes        Opening Drum Circle

Drums and percussion instruments have already been placed on chairs when participants enter.  Before anyone speaks, we drum together, creating a metaphor of different instruments and sounds uniting in a common song.

5 minutes          Overview of Diversity

The Cultural General Model of diversity is introduced (hand-out provided). This model views diversity in terms of a multi-faceted approach including; race, gender, culture, sexual orientation, personality type, religion, geographic location, and family of origin issues.

45 minutes        D-Village Challenge

We set the stage for the simulation experience using the six instrument groups to symbolize various groups within the larger community – with power and majority/minority differences.  Then the challenge begins…

30 minutes        The Meaning of the Metaphor

We facilitate a discussion of the experience within the context of the metaphor.   Insights are then related to the specific group’s daily experience.

30 minutes        Resolution of D-Village

The group is empowered to construct an ending that resolves the conflicts through musical interventions they create.

2 hours             Total Program Time*

*Can be customized to fit your program needs.  We also provide three and four hour programs which may require additional facilitators.



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