Drumming up Spirit! - Play-along CD

Uplifting world rhythms & chants

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"Christine's work is anointed with the kiss of Heaven's inspiration, celebration, and joy!" - Michael Bernard Beckwith

This CD is a multi-cultural prayer through drumming and chant.

First we call the circle;

1. Drum Call 7.26, Christine Stevens original

2. Bayeh 5.34, Congo traditional chant

We affirm that we are one with the drum;

3. Soul of the Drum, 4.48, unknown

4. People of the Drum, 5.38, Christine Stevens original

We affirm our positive vibration through drumming;

5. Make Me an Instrument, 4.59, Christine Stevens original

6. Where I Drum is Holy, 4.59,

We affirm our oneness;

7. There is a Rhythm, 5.20, Christine Stevens original

8. Unity, 4.46, Christine Stevens original

We release and let it go in gratitude!

9. Good Where We've Been, 3.29, Plains Indian traditional chant

Vocals - Kristina Sophia, Damon Grossman, Sundiata Kata, Kimber Godsey, Christine Stevens
Percussion - Sammy K, Christine Stevens,
Sax, Penny Whistle, & Native American flutes - Christine Stevens
Bass - Nate Kennerly
Children's Vocals - Ellie Cook, Phillip Cook

Studio: Gregg Brandalise, Blindfold Studios, Poway, CA

Photographer: David Peters, San Diego, CA

CD Design: Deanna Turner, Wild Redhead Designs, WA.

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