The ART and HEART of Drum Circles - $14.95


In this quintessential guide to both creating and facilitating drum circles, noted music therapist and drum circle facilitator Christine Stevens covers everything from key grooves and instrumentation, to the personal side of empowering people and creating transformational experiences through recreational drumming.

Filled with practical tools, guidelines, principles, helpful hints, exercises, and even a play-along CD, Stevens’ book weaves into one resource the many key elements of what My Generation/AARP Magazine refers to as one of the country’s “fastest growing holistic health trends.”6"x9", 96 pages.

What you’ll learn:

  • The science of entertainment
  • The drum circle duality
  • How to advertise and set up your drum circle
  • Recommended drums and percussion instruments
  • Eight basic facilitation cues
  • Seven essential skills of facilitation
  • Making arrangements in-the-moment
  • Facilitation using a melody instrument
  • Creating sound-scapes with new drummers
  • How to cover the basics of hand drumming
  • Starting and maintaining the groove
  • Designing your program
  • Facilitating from a place of musical joy!
  • Creating metaphors and meaning