Drumming Defines Us – An Ode to Remo Belli


When I heard the news on April 26 that Remo Belli had died I was surrounded by birds.
Small birds chirping loudly
Kept swooping around me
Practically bumping into my legs,
Encircling me with a rush
Of wings in flight.

And I thought, YES, this is Remo
His swooping flight
World traveler
Global drum entrepreneur

I send out my drum beats to you today Remo
And the consciousness of every person
Beating every drum you ever created
Your heart beat, drum beating soul
Celebrated in drum circles
in schools, hospitals, beaches and parks
in corporations, homes, studios and stages

There’s no second “line” in this drum parade
Honoring your life
like a New Orleans cacophony
Only circles encircling circles
Entrained in rhythm

Christine Stevens