Singapore Drumfest -
UpBeat drum circles rocks SINGAPORE!

"It brought various percussion groups together who are professionals in one place to become unity and demonstrate that we support each other in the drum movement in Singapore." - Syed, One HeartBEAT

"When I sat down and closed my eyes, I felt the rhythm relaxed me and reduced my stress. It got me out of my mind." -Tan Boon, Founder Creator of Singapore Drumfest

Drum Parade

Just after a rain storm, a powerful drum beat was heard in the streets of Orchard Road in Singapore as drummers from three organizations came together for a powerful drum parade to the kick-off event of the Singapore Drumfest. One Heart Beat, a leading drum circle company in Singapore the Kallang Community Drumming Club, and the Strikeforce, an active drum ensemble that 'thinks & play' out of the box, were among the participants in the drum parade. The parade generated excitement on the busy shopping streets and drew crowds into the upbeat community building activity of the drum circle.

Drum Circle

Over two hundred people of all ages and nationalities gathered in the Youth Park to celebrate community through the drum circle on both days on June 7th & 8th. In the words of Christine Stevens of Remo and UpBeat Drum Circles, "the drum circle is a collective experience that supports self-expression. It's about building community, beating stress, and making connections between different cultures of Singapore."

According to organizer Mr. Tan Boon, "what drum circles brought to Singapore has inspired even the youngest to the oldest and makes everyone wanting to get involved in drumming."

We wanted people to feel for themselves why the drum circle works for people ranging from disabled participants to seniors. It is inclusive. That is so powerful!"

According to Vicky from One Heart Beat, "the drum circle brought together the life line of drums and percussion in Singapore."

In the words of participant Jade McLean, editor of Singapore's LIVE! Music guide, "drumming makes you feel so good. I love it!"

The highlight of the event was dancing from 90 year old senior member of the Kallang Community Drumming Club, topped only by a drum call and response series by a 9-year old drum set protégé, Ethan Ong, who later performed for the crowds as part of the ensuing Drum SHOW.


Drums put away, the crowd moved their chairs over to a stage area and enjoyed a two-hour performance of drum set players, bands, and the Strikeforce! After an evening of incredible drumming and performances, all the participants left uplifted and more appreciative of the power of drumming as a tool for community building and empowerment of the human spirit.

This event is organized by Singapore Drumfest and partnered by REMO