UpBeat Drum Circles Coaching Program

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UpBeat Drum Circles Four Month
Coaching Program

Upbeat Drum Circles Four Month
Mentoring Program

Have you been caught in common traps?
Sell yourself short
Get burned out
Feel unfocused
Have trouble booking gigs
Struggle to put action to your ideas

The UpBeat Drum Circles Coaching & Mentoring Programs help you:
Build your self-confidence
Practice clear and concise language of your purpose
Design repeatable & sellable programs
Identify your niche market
Establish yourself as an expert
Uplevel your facilitation skills
Use social media networks for free marketing
Develop powerful press materials
Create the four key business materials for successful promotion
Design programs and products that generate income

Christine Stevens has designed a coaching and mentoring program to make you successful in business and personal growth so you can live your passion in joy and abundance. Here are the keys to her five-step program for successful "soul proprietor".

The 5 Keys to Success;

1. Pinpoint your Passion determine your best niche, ask empowering questions, explore the needs of your market, identify your expertise, develop your dream business.

2. Fabulous Facilitation developing greater presence, finding your signature program, your gifts, preparation techniques that work for you, developing event follow up protocols.

3. Marketing your Message Name business, business cards, website, products and services, implicit and explicit mission statement, creating a database and newsletter.

4. Successful Sales fee menu, negotiating fees, establishing pricing and principles. Selling vs. promoting.

5. Powerful Publicity - FREE publicity and social networking sites, getting press and working it! Making 20% client for 80% business.

Christine Stevens has been a strong influence in the development of my career. This has been the single most important investment in my career to date. - John Scalici, Speaker, Teaching Artist, Musician, Founder, Get Rhythm

Christine has enabled me to turn my drum circle facilitation 'life' into a drum circle facilitation business.
- Brian T. Carter, founder, Brooklyn Drum Circles, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Christine's coaching sessions gave me the boost I badly needed to move my LuluJam Facilitation business ahead in a positive direction. Her wise advice is beyond useful, it's well worth the time and money.
- LuLu Leathley, founder, LuLu Jam, Vancouver, BC, CANADA

Christine is the perfect mentor for drum circle facilitators. She invokes relevant questions, provides excellent examples, and gives specific ideas for marketing, selling, and becoming a stronger facilitator.
- Dave Chiller, founder, Common Pulse

Christine Stevens has been the primary and direct inspiration for my successful transition to this life path as a Drum Circle Facilitator. She guided me into a whole new world of possibilities.
- Otha Day, Founder, Drum to The Beat, Boston, Mass, USA

Please choose your program and sign-up for the courses below:
UpBeat Drum Circles Four Month
Coaching Program

Upbeat Drum Circles Four Month
Mentoring Program