"Drums somehow overcome all the things that stop people from making music.
We may turn away, but the primal beat just keeps on calling."

- Christine Stevens, Fort Collins Forum


UpBeat Drum Circles was founded on the principle that music should be valued not only as a mode of entertainment, but as an active methodology for achieving change in individuals, teams and communities. We use drums because they are the most accessible instrument. Everyone can drum. Our programs are aimed at creating a musically accessible culture, where musical expression is seen as a tool for personal transformation and development. (see Creating a Musically Accessible Culture).


We believe that today’s world has a need for innovative programs to help us respect differences, work together at our highest potential, and create health and balance in our personal lives. We have researched the recipe for possible change and discovered that a successful program combines the following key elements…

  • Experiential learning.
  • Expression.
  • Communication.
  • Fun.
  • Stress-reduction
  • Metaphors for Change
  • Reflection
  • Challenge

The drum circle adds a key ingredient, creating an experience in collaborative creativity that is as old as the first tribes that sat in circles while drumming and chanting to achieve a higher state of community and individual expression. Our mission is to weave together ancient wisdom and practice of music making with the modern knowledge of human development.

Part of the UpBeat Philosophy is that everyone is musical!